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Jul 012013

The Dark Lord Sends Out an Urgent Summons to the Nine Nazgûl

Veils of Shadow swirl and weave about the Tower of Barad-dûr. The countless minions upon the plain below feel uneasy, sensing the brooding malice far above in the throne room of the Dark Tower.

Sauron considers the Ring… for now it’s location has been found.

Darkness falls over Mordor. It is Midsummer’s Eve, known a Lithe in Middle-earth. The words of the creature Gollum have proven to be true. There IS a land called Shire and the Dark Lord has bent all his will upon it.

A message from the spies of Mordor has come to the Dark Tower confirming what Sauron had begun to suspect, that this little land hereto unknown to the Dark Lord resides in the wastes north and west of the Misty Mountains. A desolate land that the Dark Lord until now had left out of his calculations. The great plagues had left these lands people-less and the Witch-kings destruction of the Northern Kingdom of the failing Númenóreans had left it empty. However, there thrived in these lands a small people, halflings they are called…who havw remained hidden from the Eye in the Land of Mordor… but no longer… no longer!

Saruman has been summoned to the Palantir… and his treachery has been drawn from him. He had been spying out this land for some time and yet failed to inform Mordor of his discovery. The Dark Lord will not forget his disobedience and will deal out punishment to his faithless servant when his usefulness is spent, but for now Saruman has his uses.

Sauron looks to the North and considers the forces he has sent out from Dol Guldur, which have been repelled by the armies of Thranduil, but the real purpose of this attack has been achieved. The creature Gollum has been taken from the elves and is even now a prisoner being carried south by the Uruks of Mirkwood. Soon he would be taken to the dungeons of Dol Guldur and questioned again, the Dark Lord wishes to know what the elves had learned from him. Have too discovered the whereabouts so the One Ring?  Sauron expected that the questioner of this vile creature should be one of the Nine, who commands his fortresses in Southern Mirkwood, but now that the whereabouts of the Ring has been discovered, all of the Dark Lords will is bent upon retrieving it. Even now the Nine are rushing to the Dark Tower.

The Eye of Barad-dûr turns it’s gaze westward to Osgiliath. The River has been taken, none dare stand against the fearful Lord of the Nazgûl. This is only the first stroke in a long planned campaign. With this foothold upon the Pelennor, the Dark Lord can now drive his orcs into the eastern half of the city and begin building craft that can move a force of great size across the river into the central Pelennor. Soon all the armies of Mordor wil be ready and the final hammer stroke will fall.

Ever the Eye in the Dark Tower is drawn Northward… into the distant Western half of Middle earth, beyond the walls of the Misty Mountains. The great Eye strains to see beyond the distant mists.

The Ring… the Ring… oh to have the Ring once more upon his black hand.

The mind of Sauron can think of nothing else, there is great desire… and yet also great fear. Do the fools know what they possessed? It’s the great hope of Sauron that the Ring is held by one who doesn’t know it’s true power. This must certainly be so, or one of the enemy would have already risen up against him. The fools don’t know what they hold in their hands.

Soon the Nazgûl will come. They have been called with all urgency. Three are coming from the North, from Dol Guldur. One from Udûn, from the fortress of Durthang. The four remaining Nazgûl have been summoned from the southern reaches of Mordor, from the fortresses of Nargroth, Morigost and the Guard Towers along the Sea of Núrnen know as Thaurband. The Lord of the Wraiths sits now upon his seat of power in the dead city of Minas Morgul. Soon all would be assembled here in the throne room of Sauron, in the top most tiers of the Dark Tower.

Sauron considers his next move. A large force could be sent down from Mount Gundabad into this land of Shire and more from orc-holds along the northern passes of the Misty Mountains. A Barrow-wights could also be sent out in the dark of night to capture the One Ring. Warg-riders might be sent forth from the High Fells of Rhudaur. Or a large garrison of Black Uruks could be sent north from Moria… but the risk of failure is too great. No… only his most trusted servants should be sent, in secret… under the veil of Shadow. The time is not yet come for Sauron to fully reveal himself. The Nine Ringwraiths shall be sent to capture the ONE before those who possessed it understand it’s full import. Orcs and men cannot be wholly trusted, but the Nazgûl were totally bound to him, their will tied to his. They can sense the presence of Ring and only to their master, will they deliver it. The Ringwraiths shall ride forth from Mordor, dressed as riders in black, their power cloaked and fear shall be their greatest weapon.

Lay your staff on the link below to follow the Time-line of the War of the Ring from the Eye of Mordor.

The Mordor Appendices ~ The Time Line of the Year 3018 ~ 3019

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