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Jan 082014

Crebain fly over all the lands of Eregion and Enedwaith

Flocks of the great black birds scour the people-less regions west of the Misty Mountains in search of elvish spies

Saruman waits on his Crebain from the North, but the Dark Lord Sauron has his own eyes on the western lands

Saurman stands upon the Pinnacle of Orthanc waiting anxiously for word from the Crebain sent out days before to spy out the lands of Eregion and Enedwaith

Word had come from the Dark Tower that spies from Rivendell were moving south along the western side of the Misty Mountains. Saruman was no fool, he had sensed an eagerness in the commands of Sauron, though subtle and hidden, the wizard knew this the Dark Lords command signaled that these spies were perhaps more then they appeared. Saurman had long watched the passes in the Misty Mountains and the desolate lands of Eregion. Elvish spies from Rivendell and Rangers from the north  had searched the land in the last months looking for signs of the enemy. No word had come from Mordor to watch them, so why was this particular company from Rivendell to be watched? There was more to this than meets the eye.

A loud raucous croaking was heard and suddenly out of the darkness a great black crow descend to the peak of the Tower of Orthanc and landed upon a talon beside the wizard. This feathered creature was a Cerebain, whose origin was of crow-kind but larger, more cunning and apt to evil. Long used by Saruman to spy out the lands near Isengard and to being him news, this fowl creature was just returned from a long tip to the north. As if fed upon raw meats laid out for it, the bird told Saruman that nothing yet had been seen, but the smell of fire had been reported near the Caradhras and the Redhorn.

Saruman sent forth the Crebain once more into the night sky. Around the tower of Orthanc the birds swirled and their harsh cries fill the darkness over the the plain of Isengard.

Farther north along a ridge of the Misty Mountains moved a large pack of Wargs. For many days now they had searched for any who might be wandering witless in these lands. They had come over passes along the mountains in the south. Thier masters in Mirkwood had sent them forth to spy, both upon the east and west sides of the Mountains. Many orcs and wargs had been sent out from Dol Guldur in the last few weeks, but on a few warg-packs had been sent up and over the mountains to spy upon the lands to the west. This particular warg pack had passed over the mountains near the Red Horn gate under the cover of darkness.

One huge warg emerged from the pack the rested upon a spur of rock the just out from the side of one of the lower hills. This Warg Chieftain, who was the leader of this pack stood erect upon the ridge looking down across the valley below. He sniffed the air, picking up the the scent of men and elves… and something more on the air. He growled deep in his throat baring a menacing grin of  hunger and want. He turned, calling upon the other wargs, who came down and surrounded him snapping at each other eager for the chase.

The great Warg howled and then they leaped as one down among the rocks and into the vale below, eager and ready to slaughter any they found in the barren land.

The Mordor Appendices ~ The Time Line of the Year 3018 ~ 3019

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