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Dec 242013

The Dark Lord has withdrawn all of his spies in to hiding

He knows now without doubt, that the One Ring of Power now resides in Imladris, the lair of Elrond the half-elven.

The Great Eye in the Dark Tower burns with limitless desire and malice…

Sauron weighs all possibilities, before divining his next move against those who would dare covet the One Ring.

The Elves must know that their secret valley cannot long hold out against the determined might of Mordor.

Even now a vast force of orcs, wargs and mountain trolls gathers within the fortress of Mount Gundabad. At a word of command, this massive force could march south to Rhudaur and surround the valley of Imladris. The Dark Lord even considered send his Nazgûl upon their newly shod winged steeds to bear down on the ones who dared withholds the Ring from it’s rightful Master! The valley of Rivendell will burn as will all of Middle-earth soon enough!

Sauron weighed each choice down to a calculated nicety. It was too soon to expose his full hand. He had not yet allowed his forces to cross openly the River Anduin into the western lands of Middle-earth. The time is not yet ripe. For now it is enough to know where the One Ring lay hidden.

Soon his enemies must make a choice, to keep the Ring in Imladris or to send it forth to another strong-hold. The Elves know that they can’t defend the Ring in Imladris for long, if the full might of Mordor is brought to bear. This knowledge will force the Ring out of hiding. Once the Ring is on the move it will be easier to capture and bring back to Mordor. Sauron has withdrawn all of his spies back to their holds in the Misty Mountains and in Mirkwood. The mouse will feel free to roam, if the cat lay outside it’s view.

Sauron’s greatest fear was the once the Ring had been discovered was that it would be taken West to the Gray Havens and carried across the sea, but if they had intended to take that road, they would have done so before the roads West were watched. No, if the Ring leaves Rivendell now, will be taken East over the Mountains or South to Lothlorien or most likely to Minas Tirith. Which Road, will be determined by the one who takes the Ring for their own, as surely someone must.

The Power of the Ring will have become stronger now, that it has been found. Fools… their is no one strong enough now, who can take the Ring and stand against the might of Mordor. If there is one foolish enough to openly declare himself the master of the the Ring, Sauron will need only pluck it from their week grasp and place once more upon the Black hand of Mordor!

The best path now was to wait until the Ring showed itself.

The Mordor Appendices ~ The Time Line of the Year 3018 ~ 3019

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