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Aug 082013

Everywhere the Spies of Mordor watched, spying out the lands of the West & reporting back to their Master.

The spider crept silently through the upper branches of the trees. It’s night eyes missed nothing and it’s hunger drove it forward to the rivers edge.

It sat upon the outermost branches watching the distant shore.

The silent waters of the River Anduin flowed in the the darkness beneath the clinging legs and webs of the spider as he watched with red eyes!

Across the river, the distant shore was shrouded in darkness, the moon hidden in thick dark cloud.

Many of it’s kind prowled the distant shore searching for the hated Elves in the bewitched woods to the West. The spider was hungry, a hurried meal of black squirrel had only made it’s appetite to feed grow even stronger.

The spider hated all living things that walked the earth or flew in the air, their only worth was for killing and feeding. Food was scarce in the forest now that the Woodsmen had moved northward to safer regions of Mirkwood. Orcs prowled the woods everywhere, but the captain in Dol Guldur forbade their being eaten, and as long as the Master provided, the spider would obey.

They were ordered to spy upon the borders of Mirkwood and report back any moments of the enemy, the Elves to the West and the Woodsmen to the North.  The spiders were fed in the pits of Dol Guldur, not the hard leathery flesh of orcs, but softer, tastier morsels sent down from the tower. The Master promised even sweeter meats as reward for their help in the coming War. Soon all the lands to the West would be covered in Shadow and the spiders would be free to feed until they were bloated and could eat no more.

Suddenly there was movement upon the further shore. The rustle of leaves and the twang of elvish bows. The spider dropped to the ground as arrows came whistling through the tree tops inches from it’s body. It fell to the ground with a thump upon it’s soft belly and then scuttled into the darkness. With it’s small red eyes, it glared out from the edges of the wood and marked the place where the Elves lay hidden. It turned and began to scuttle upward into the trees once more and made it’s way deeper in the black wood. Soon, it would make it’s way back to the Fortress that sat upon the barren rock hill and it would report all that it had seen.

Then it would be allowed to feed… and fill it stinking bellying once more.

Lay your staff on the link below to follow the Time-line of the War of the Ring from the Eye of Mordor.

The Mordor Appendices ~ The Time Line of the Year 3018 ~ 3019

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