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Aug 162013

The dead Orcs suffered the wrath of the Dark Lieutenant of Dol Guldur

More orcs than Narkû could count lay sprawled before the throne of the Dark Lieutenant, who had struck them down in his anger with red fire from his Morgul Staff that still glowed hot in the darkness.

The Black Uruk trembled silently, his head bowed as he waited to see if he too would soon lay dead upon the cold stone floor.

The Dark Lieutenant stood and turning looked down upon Narkû. He order his servant to clean up the filth before his throne or he would soon suffer a similar fate.

The Master of Dol Guldur descended from the dais in a swirl of black robes and flaming red eyes. Narkû heaved a sigh of relief as his Master departed the chamber. He barked orders for the snaga to come and clean up the bodies. They would be taken to the spider pits and dumped… never to be seen again!

The fools! They were lucky they had not been sent south to Lugbúrz for further questioning, there they would truly have learned the meaning of suffering and pain! Narkû pulled out his whip and gave the dirty little snaga’s something to make them move a bit faster. He did not want to risk the Masters return with the mess still upon the floor… or give him reason to take off his own head.

Narkû who was the captain of the Guard of Dol Guldur lived in fear of the Black Númenórean, who was now his Master. He was a great sorcerer and could strike down his enemies with just a word. As much as Narkû feared his new Master, he preferred him over the deadly cold of the Nazgûl, who had ruled here until he was called by the great EYE in Lugbúrz. Apparently the War was soon to begin. Every day more orcs, wargs, trolls and men from the East came to Dol Guldur to swell the ranks of it’s armies. When word came down from Lugbúrz that all was ready, they were to march on the brigands and rebels to the West and North.

The great Black Uruk stood over the snaga cracking his whip if they showed any signs of slowing. The dead orcs looked up at him with hollow blank eyes. The traitors deserved their fate. They had let the small gangrel creature Gollum slip from their grasp within sight of the very walls of this fortress. The creature was wanted badly in Lugbúrz and Narkû shuddered to think of the shrieks of malice and rage that would  emanate from the Dark Tower when this news reached Mordor. It might well be, that his Master may be the one taken to Lugbúrz for interrogation and questioning, when this news was learned. Then maybe Narkû would be made Master of Dol Guldur!

Narkû ginned a crooked grin as he mercilessly took the lash to the snaga below him and dreamed of one day sitting upon the great throne himself!

Lay your staff on the link below to follow the Time-line of the War of the Ring from the Eye of Mordor.

The Mordor Appendices ~ The Time Line of the Year 3018 ~ 3019

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    This is awesome. Keep it up guys.