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Apr 302013

Sauron gathers all evil creatures unto him, within the Mountain walls of Mordor

The Dark Lord looks out upon the plain of Gorgoroth, everywhere the Eye sees his minions preparing for war.

The Shadow parts and the Eye in the Dark Tower is unveiled… first it looks to the south… then the east… the north… and finally it looks into the west of Middle-earth.

The Eye passes over the fiery peak of Orodruin as Sauron’s gaze looks to the South, he sees the slave-fields of Northern Núrenen, tilled by the endless toil of countless slaves, food for the vast armies assembling within the walls of Mordor.

The Eye gazes further south to the Lands of Harad, were the Haradrim owe allegiance to the Dark Power of Mordor. Ever the enemy of Gondor, the Haradrim gather their strength and have begun marching northward along the North Road. They come with the huge Mumakil with their towers of war upon their backs. The emissaries from Harad have complained of the constant attacks upon their forces as they move North along the Mountains of Shadow, the western wall of Mordor. Soon this will no longer be a problem after the first major assault upon Osgiliath begins.

Now the Eye looks to the East passing over the vast inland Sea of Núrenen to the lands of Khand. More armies march northward along the Khand Road to Gorgoroth.

The wild men of this land have always fallen easily under the spell of Sauron and have been an ally of the Dark Tower in the long wars against the West. They continue to swell the ranks of Mordor. The Eye continues on to the Far East over the Lilithlad to the far Eastern Desolation and beyond to the Lands of Rhûn. Daily, men march West to the Black Gate of Mordor along the northern fence of the Mountains of Ash.

Finally the great Eye in the Dark Tower passes over the Ered Lithui and looks to the North.

Over the bleak and deadly Dagorlad… vast armies march like ants towards the Black Gate of Mordor. The Eye passes over the North Road that run along the eastern edge of the Dead Marshes, the Emyn Muil, and past the Brown Lands to the feet of Mirkwood. Dol Guldur sits upon a black spur rising out of the forest floor, it is veiled in Shadow and smoke. A great army of Orcs moves northward from Mordor to the gates of dark forest fortress. In the far North, Sauron can make out the vague shape of the Lonely Mountain, the golden realm of the dwarves. Even now a great army gathers along the Sea of Rhûn, building a vast armada of ships the will set sail for the Long Lake when Sauron gives the command. Soon… but not yet!

The Eye of Sauron now moves West to the edge of the Misty Mountains.

This long curved range of Mountains runs down through the heart of Middle-earth and separates West from East, but it will no longer protect those lands hidden in the Northwest corner of Middle-earth… the Eye of Sauron has long over-looked these forgotten lands after the fall of Arnor, but no longer. The Eye of Sauron is fixed upon the West.

The Misty Mountains are crawling with orcs and goblins from Mount Gundabad to the Black Pit of Moria. A long planned assault will be launched against Rivendell and when it falls, so shall the rest of the Northern Lands to the West. The Great Eye moves south along the edge of the Mountains past the East Gate of Moria… there a white mist covers the forest of Lothlórien. Though the Eye of Sauron strives to see within, his will is thwarted by a white mist that covers the wood. Sauron knows he must attend to the Elvish Witch… the forest will soon burn. The Eye now moves farther West to the Gap of Rohan… to Isengard ensnared… yet still treacherous. The little wizard has set up his own armies… but he will be called to heal when the time is ripe. Rohan must not come to the aid of Gondor… Saruman will see to that.

Finally, the Eye traverses almost due West along the White Mountains to the city of Minas Tirith. A city ready to fall… even now Sauron pulls at the Palantir in the Tower of Ecthelian, high above the city as the lesser Steward tries desperately to see within the walls of Shadow, but he sees only what Sauron wishes him to see… the vast strength of Mordor… it is in despair that this city shall fall!

All of the plans of the Dark Lord are coming together for a final stroke against Middle-earth. Even without the Ring, Sauron’s might is unassailable, he knows this. Sauron’s greatest fear now, is that another shall seize the Ring and gather a force strong enough to stand against him. The One Ring has been found again, but with or with out it Middle-earth shall fall. However, there is still time … time to find the Ring and bring it safely back to Mordor… then the final blow shall come… the Shadow will rise and  cover all the lands of Middle-earth in darkness forever.

Lay your staff on the link below to follow the Time-line of the War of the Ring from the Eye of Mordor.

The Mordor Appendices ~ The Time Line of the Year 3018 ~3019


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