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Apr 192013

A band of great Black Uruks leg it across the dark plain of Gorgoroth with a message for Minas Morgul

Bagûrz, the snake, one of the Black Soldier Orcs of Barad-dûr carries an important message to the fortress Cirith Ungol and then down into the Morgul Vale.

The great ape like Uruk, loped upon the road with all speed. After running at full gait for hours his breath came in ragged gasps, but he did not dare stop to catch his breath, because he felt the Eye within the Dark Tower bearing down upon him.

It was dark upon the plain of Gorgoroth. Night had descended on the Land of Shadow. Upon the Ghâsh Road between Barad-dûr and Mount Doom, it was never fully dark.

The great Naur Trench ran along the left side of this road and lit it with a fiery red glow from the molten lava that flowed from the heights of Orodruin and then down across the plain to the pits that surrounded the Dark Tower and fueled the sorcery of the great EYE.

Of course Bagûrz knew nothing of these things… he simply ran as if the whips of his Master were upon his back… the will of the Dark Lord drove him. The Black Uruk carried within his breast plate a Talûn-karkû, a metal courier baton… he felt the heat of it against his beating heart. It was a hollow tube fashioned of an ancient metal in which a parchment could be rolled and placed inside. It was sealed with an ornate cap in the shape of the Dark Tower with a flaming  eye upon the tip. If anyone but the intended recipient dared to open the Talûn-karkû, it meant certain death. Upon it’s sides ancient Morgul Runes of power were etched.

Bagûrz did not run alone. He was surrounded by six more Uruks of the Black Guard of Barad-dûr. The seven Orcs ran with the long loping gait of all the Uruks of Mordor. Long hairy arms close the the ground, backs bent, tongues lolling, breath hot, iron shod feet beat down upon the dusty road. They wore black armor and carried the insignia of the EYE etched in red upon their breast plates. No one dared stand before them and gave way as they passed. They ran with their pale silver scimitars drawn and ready to strike.

It would take three long marches to reach Cirith Ungol. The orcs would stop and rest at the Orc Camp that lay at the feet of Mount Doom on the northwestern side of the mountain of fire. After resting just a few hours, they would begin the long climb up to the tower of Cirth Ungol. Once they reached the summit, they would rest once more and then descend down into the Morgul Vale below. It had been ordered by the Dark Tower, that this message be delivered into the hand of the Morgul Lord.

Bagûrz shuddered at the prospect. He was a trusted courier of the Dark Tower and once before he had been in the presence of the Nazgûl… he licked his lips as if he felt an old pain. His heart hammered. He must run… run… run… there was no time for thinking… or for fear. He looked up at the fiery cone of Mount Doom and then bent his head and redouble his pace… it was time to leg it or die!

The orcs that inched their way along the Ghâsh Road had no idea that they carried the plans for the first major assault upon the West. In less then a month, when all was readied, the first major attack upon Osgiliath would begin. The Lord of the Nazgûl would ride forth for the first time out of the Morgul Vale at the head of his army. His greatest weapon was fear and none would be able to stand before him.

Lay your staff on the link below to follow the Time-line of the War of the Ring from the Eye of Mordor.

The Mordor Appendices ~ The Time Line of the Year 3018 ~3019

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