On This Day in Dol Guldur is a chronicle of ‘There and Back Again’
from the vantage point of Dol Guldur, from April 2941 to Sauron’s return to Mordor in 2942.

Here we explore not only the mind of the Necromancer, we also follow the rise of the Nazgûl, the beginning of the fall of Saruman, Orcs, Balrogs,
and even the thoughts of spiders and wargs! We will follow all the Dark Creatures of Shadow and the parts they play as Darkness once more takes hold in Middle-earth. At this time,
Sauron remains hidden as the Necromancer of Dol Guldur and we will follow his actions as he as he strives to gather all evil things unto him and
subvert the retaking of Erebor by the dwarves.

In this list of days, we will follow the narrative of the film trilogy, rather than just the book
since the world of the films allows us to imagine what would be in the mind of Sauron and his minions, yet the writings here will always remain as true to the strictures of the
Tolkien Canon as they possibly can, however we consider most of the content on these pages to fall under our Tolkien Legendarium. The timeline of The Hobbit in the Appendices is much more vague on actual dates than the timeline of the War of the Ring, so we will need to take a few liberties here and there with our timeline.

However, even though we will be following the narrative of the film trilogy,
the actual time frame of events will follow more closely the timeframe of the book. The film moves events forward much more quickly than they occur in the book,
to increase dramatic tension and increase the sense of this being a desperate journey.

Over the course of this year from April through to March of next year, we will be building this Mordor Appendices one day at a time.
We will structure our Timeline in much the same way it was done by Professor Tolkien in the Appendices of The Return of the King.
Within this Mordor Appendices, we will incorporate the days we feel reveal the darker side of Middle-earth

You can lay your staff upon each of the dates below as we add them to our timeline
and it will take you to the individual pages detailing the events of that particular day. More dates will be added as the year progresses!

The Third Age of Middle-earth the Year 2041


April 25          A darkness lay over Southern Mirkwood

April 28          Bolg is called forth from Mount Gundabad

April 30          Spies upon the road discover the heir of Durin



May 2             Azog makes camp upon the broken ruins of Amon Sûl

May 10           Yazneg tracks the company of Dwarves

May 22           Bolg comes to the Hill of Sorcery in Mirkwood

May 31           Yazneg discovers three Trolls, dead as stone



June 11          Warg Riders attack the Dwarves in the Trollshaws

June 13         Fimbul witnesses the terrible death of Yazneg

June 23         The Warg Riders spy the Dwarves on the Mountain Pass









The Third Age of Middle-earth the Year 2942






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