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May 312015

Yazneg Discovers Three Trolls, Dead As Stone

Fimbul crept close under the shadow of the trees and before him stood three large trolls, their darkened forms outlined in the first rays of daylight

Realizing they were as dead as stone, Fimbul rushed back through the woods to report what he had seen to Yazneg.

Yazneg waited upon his large bristling warg, surrounded by ten of his best scouts. For five days they have been tracking the party of Dwarves eastward with three of their sharpest scout wargs.

At Azog’s command, the Orcs led by Yazneg have watched only and waited, tracking them by scent and staying at least a half of a league behind them. Azog ordered them to followed only, unless the dwarves drew too close the the secret valley of the elves, which lay somewhere near the feet of the Misty mountains, east of the Ford of Bruinen.

Yazneg was certain that the foolish dwarven scum had no idea they were being followed, but last night just after sunset, one of their number backtracked and nearly come upon the Orcs at unwheres. The three scout wargs suddenly stood stock still with hackles raised and teeth bared. Yazneg ordered the Orc band back under the shadow of the trees just in time.  A lone figure road up upon a horse and stood in the middle of the road under the moonlight looking left and then right… as if listening. He was cloaked all in grey and his long silver beard shone in the moonlight.

The orcs wanted to attack, but Yazneg held them back with raised hand. The old greybeard was not what he appeared to be, Yazneg sensed a hidden power beneath his mantle of grey. Suddenly, the rider reared his horse and whirled about as if answering a silent call from afar. Like the wind, he rode hard into the east. Yazneg gathered the Orcs and they tracked the horse slowly remaining hidden and silent.

The Orcs rode for many hours through the dense woods north of the road. Then, just as dawn was breaking and  they saw smoke rising above the tree tops in the distance.

Yazneg sent Fimbul, the smartest orc in this useless rabble of snaga to investigate! He reported back, that three large trolls had been turned to stone in the daylight. The fire around which they stood, was still smoldering with fresh fire. Yazneg felt sure that this must be wizards work, and so he realized that there was indeed more to be made of the figure cloaked all in grey that rode with the dwarves. Instead of seeking shelter, Yazneg decided to follow the trail before it went cold. The Misty Mountains already loomed large in the east and they must be near the hidden valley of the elves. He dared not let the dwarves escape… Yazneg knew his life depended on it.

Suddenly, a howling and yammering broke out all around them. The three scouting wargs had run off on a fresh scent. Yazneg commanded his orcs forward, as they broke from the trees they came upon a trail of blood and torn animal flesh. The sound of terrified ponies filled the air, followed quickly by the howling of Wargs and the ring of steel.

These must be the ponies of the Dwarven Company! Yazneg shouted in the orkish speech for his Warg Riders to track down the dwarves and take them! They were probably even now fleeing into the hills. Yazneg had let the dwarves get to close to the valleys that lay at the feet of the Mountains and he feared they might be making for the stronghold of the elves! One of his orcs pointed a shaking finger at the rising of the sun. Yazneg took up his spear and slashing downward shaved an ear from frightened snaga. The uruk screamed in pain, but obeyed his master’s command!

“You will ride in the daylight snaga scum, or you will die!”

Yazneg raised his spear over his head and ordered them forth, the great wargs leaping forward to the chase.

The Mordor Appendices ~ The Time Line of the Year 2941 ~ 2942


 May 31, 2015  Posted by at 7:04 pm
  • Roberto Took

    I had no idea Yazneg did all this! Is this in the extended edition?

  • Roberto… go to the link below to see how On This Day In Dol Guldur was conceived…

  • TheCajunPhoenix

    Will you continue to update the “On This Day In Dol Guldur” series in the future? It’s been a year since your last entry and we would all like to see what happens next.