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May 222015

Bolg Comes to the Hill of Sorcery in Mirkwood

The band of orcs riding hard upon their wargs cross over a ridge under the shadow of Mirkwood and before them stands the ruins of Dol Guldur upon the dark hill of Sorcery.

Bolg the mighty Uruk of Gundabad looks out upon this place of horror and darkness, grinning with yellowed fangs…

Bolg, son of Azog is a brutal and savage Uruk of Gundabad, who has been summoned to Dol Guldur to take the place of his father in raising a force of orcs and wargs.

A shadow of secrecy veils the dark spires of Dol Guldur as it rises up like a finger of warning out of forest of Mirkwood, but to those who have been summoned, the way is made clear. Even now, Bolg can feel the dark will of the Master drawing him into the shadow. As the band of Uruks of Gundabad come upon the lower levels of the ruined fortress, the yammer and howling of Orcs and Wargs can be heard.

Bolg climbs off of his warg and walks alone into the dark heart of Dol Guldur, where creeping vines covered in black thorns, twist and turn about the ancient stone.

He is drawn to a hidden place within the fortress, to a dais that is silent and empty. A Shadow comes swirling in and out of the broken stone spires, until it surrounds and envelops Bolg in darkness. His mind is filled with a nameless fear and yet in the same breath he feels a triumphant excitement and exhilaration at the Dark Power before him.

A whispering and deepening voice fills his mind and he is told what he must do to fulfill the will of his Master. He must gather more orcs and goblins from the Misty Mountains, ogres and trolls from the North, wargs from the lands of the East. He must gather them under the will of the Shadow and enflame their hatred for all things that walk under the light of the sun.

Soon even greater forces will come to the Dark Power in Dol Guldur, dragon fire from the Lonely Mountain and the ancient flames of Udûn shall awaken under the Misty Mountains. All will come to the summons of the Dark Power and the failing strength of Númenor will no longer be able to protect the West. War is coming and the first stroke will fall upon the Dwarves of Durin, when the dragon is awakened in Erebor. They must be ready to march upon the Mountain when the time is ripe.

Bolg bows before his Master, sure in his strength and power. The time is coming when all evil things that walked under the darkness of night, shall come forth and take Middle-earth at last!

The Mordor Appendices ~ The Time Line of the Year 2941 ~ 2942


 May 22, 2015  Posted by at 9:26 am
  • Roberto Took

    The Weta Concept art of Dol Guldur looks cool

  • CT

    It does. I always enjoy Weta’s conceptual art.

  • CT

    My Weta Bolg statue arrives in 4 days….perfect timing for an article on Bolg.