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Apr 112023

The Cracks of Doom Where the Ring Was Forged!

In this Dark Film of Mordor we harken back to out video’s of old with a new montage of images, music and video focusing on Orodruin, the fiery forge in the heart of Mordor.

You guys asked for and here it is at last, the first of our new dark films featuring video clips, images and music from The Lord of the Rings films and TV Show! Here in Mordor the Land of Shadow.com we used to make quite a few of these dark film and will be adding new one soon.

Take a peak at out visual montage of Mount Doom…

New Dark film from Mordor… Mount Doom! In this video we feature the great blasting furnace of Mordor where Sauron forged the One Ring of Power!

“Orodruin, the Mountain of Fire; ever and anon the furnaces far below its ashen cone would grow hot and with a great surging and throbbing pour forth rivers of molten rock from chasms in its sides. Some would flow blazing towards Barad-dûr down great channels; some would wind their way into the stony plain, until they and cooled and lay like twisted dragon-shapes vomited from the tormented earth.”   J.R.R Tolkien

Don’t for get to check out our Dark Domain of Mount Doom!

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