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The Black Speech as you find is here on the these pages at Mordor, the Land of has it's origin in many places. The 'Land of Shadows' dialect originated from Scatha our Black Speech Linguist, who based her dialect upon some of the existing variants of the Black Speech from around the world, but comes primarily from the Appendices of the Return of the King and J.R.R. Tolkien's master work, The Lord of the Rings. It's evolution continues as more people begin to use and contribute to the Shadowlandian Black Speech. There are many web sites and message forums were people are gathering, learning and speaking the Dark Tongue of Mordor.

We have complied a listing of Black Speech web sites and forums that you may want to visit in you quest of the Dark Knowledge that has grown across the world of those interested in the dark beauty of Tolkien's creation.

  Web Sites and Resources. Community Message Forums
  The Dark Tongue Shadowlandian Dialect Dark Messages BS Forum
  Lugburz The Black Speech Shadowlandian Dialect Morgoth's Lair BS Forum
  Ardalambion Orkish and the Black Speech Tolkien Orcs of the Red Hand BS Forum
  Orcs of the Red Hand Red Hand Dialect Russian Orc BS Forum
  Adragoor's Svartiska Swedish Dialect  
  Russian Orc Community Russian Dialect  
  Get Your Orc Name in the Black Speech  
  Listen to the Black Speech
  Appleyard Black Speech  
Information in these pages is from the Dark Tongue web site created by Scatha
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