The Land of Shadow's Black Speech
Black Speech Appendix


1 Ash 11 Galash 30 Gakhgal
2 Krul 12 Galkrul 40 Zagal
3 Gakh 13 Galgakh 50 Kraakal
4 Zag 14 Galzag 60 Rutgal
5 Kraak 15 Galkraak 70 Utgal
6 Rut 16 Galrut 80 Skragh
7 Udu 17 Galudu 90 Krithgal
8 Skri 18 Galskri 100 Bûr
9 Krith 19 Galkrith 1000 Tor
10 Gal 20 Krulgal* 0 Nar

This table is partly based on REs work.*Note that 21 would be krulgalash, 24 krulgalzag, and so on.

-Weights and Measures-
Measure 1 glâd (distance)
1 bur (weight)
1 parz
Approx. English
About 1.3 feet
About 2 pounds
About a 1 ½ cups


North talaan
South lataan
East ghaansh
West aanud

(By R.E.)

-Orc Army Ranks-

RW Equivalent
Number of Soldiers
in Command
Pizurk Private -- --
Pizgal Corporal Troop 10
Pizbûr Sergeant Company 100
Pizdur Captain Regiment 500
Mautor Lieutenant Army 1000
Maugoth General 2+ Armies 2000+
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