The Land of Shadow's Black Speech
Black Speech to English Dictionary

Prefixes and Suffixes:

Examples will be found in square brackets [ ].

1. prefixed to an interrogative makes it into a relative EL [mal = where?, amal = where (as in, where the shadows lie)]

2. third person pronoun prefix RE [azagh = he of the mountain pass, agondor, = he of Gondor)

-al suffix that turns verb into noun [hoitat = to hunt; hoital = hunter] SV
-ar snû
more (comparative ending) [gothûrzar snû = more powerful than]
across (prep) LOS
1. verb infinitive TK [gimbat = to find]
2. third person singular verb ending
common Black Speech adverb ending LOS
most (comparative ending) [gothûrzaz = most powerful) LOS
off (prep) [kulat-bo = to be off]
near, next to [Orodruin-dhog, = near Orodruin.]
from (case suffix) LOS [Mordor-ghaara = from Mordor]
people (collective plural) TK (BS and AO) [uruk-hai = the uruk-people]
in (case suffix) TK [Mordor-ishi = in Mordor]
I or me (used as a suffix, not as a 1st person singular pronoun) [kul-izg = I am]
by (case suffix) LOS
feminine word ending [Shelob]
of (preposition) EL [Mordor-ob = of Mordor]
at (preposition) LOS [Orthanc-or = at Orthanc]
-ri agh
between (preposition) LOS [Rohan-ri agh Gondor = between Rohan and Gondor]
beyond (preposition) LOS [Minas Morgul-thu = beyond Minas Morgul]
through (preposition) LOS [Ru-tuk, through the hall]
noun plural after consonant LL [Nazgu = rings] **note that the words for peoples, like uruk, ilid,
Nazgûl, gazat, etc., do not have plurals.
to (preposition) [Mordor-û = "to Mordor"; but note that "u bagronk," meaning "to the cesspool" is poor orkish grammar in DBS.
verb future tense suffix AN [gimbub = will find, gimbubut = they will find]
verb present active participle EL [pushdug = stinking]
verb past passive participle EL [dûmpuga = doomed]
all TK [thrakatulûk = to bring them all]
them TK [gimbatul = to find them]
-ness, -yness (noun) TK, LL [bûrzum = darkness]
for (case suffix) EL [durub-ûr = for the ruler.]
a common BS adjective-forming suffix EL [matûrz = mortal]
third person plural verb ending [gimbut = they find, gimbubut = they will find] EL
verb past tense suffix LOS [gimbuz = found, gimbuzat = he found]
noun plural after vowel. EL
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