The Land of Shadow's Black Speech
Black Speech Appendix


Tolkien Sources: AO = 1st Age Angband Orkish, BOLT = Book of Lost Tales, BS = Black Speech, CBS = Classical Black Speech, DBS = Debased Black Speech, LOTR = Lord of the Rings, SD = Sauron Defeated, TH = The Hobbit.

Other Inventors: The < symbol indicates that a word was "taken from" a source and altered to conform with the LOS dialect. TK = Tolkien, LL = `Lalaith', EL = `Elerrina', AN = `Andrew', AA = A. Appleyard. LOS: Mordor, Land of Shadow Message Board, 7N= Seventh Nazgul, RE = Rob Eaglestone, author of the Horngoth Orkish Dialect. MB = Mugbûrz Orkish (from a now defunct web site), SV = from Svartiska, a Swedish LARP site. I believe the authors are Mikael "Adragoor" Bynke and David "Meldon" Burström. This site uses many of the Mugbûrz words.


Information in these pages is from the Dark Tongue web site created by Scatha
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