The Land of Shadow's Black Speech
Nine Lessons for Learning the Dark Tongue of Mordor

Lesson I - Background Information
Lesson II - Black Speech Sounds and Pronunciation
Lesson III - Verbs:  Infinitives and Present Tense
Lesson IV - Noun plurals
Lesson V - Verbs:   Future tense

Lesson VI - Adjectives and Word Order
Lesson VII - Prepositions
Lesson VIII - Verbs:  Past Tense
Lesson IX - Numbers
Lesson IX - Pronouns and Commands

-Lesson IX:   Numbers-

Generally, numbers are treated like adjectives.  They usually go after the word they modify.  (Again, most orcs would probably ignore this rule.)  You will also notice that the Ring Verse places them before the word they modify (ash nazg . . . ).  This may have been done for poetic reasons.

Ash, one

Krul, two

Gakh, three

Zag, four

Kraak, five

Rut, six

Udu, seven

Ski, eight

Krith, nine

Gal, ten


1 Ash 11 Galash 30 Gakhgal
2 Krul 12 Galkrul 40 Zagal
3 Gakh 13 Galgakh 50 Kraakgal
4 Zag 14 Galzag 60 Rutgal
5 Kraak 15 Galkraak 70 Utgal
6 Rut 16 Galrut 80 Skragh
7 Udu 17 Galudu 90 Krithgal
8 Skri 18 Galskri 100 Bûr
9 Krith 19 Galkrith 1000 Tor
10 Gal 20 Krulgal 0 Nar

*Note that 21 would be krulgalash, 24 = krulgalzag, and so on.


Translate the following numbers into Black Speech:

34 __________________________   58 ____________________________

62 __________________________   71 ____________________________

22 __________________________   87 ____________________________

103 _________________________  245 ____________________________

9068 ________________________ 4862 ____________________________

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