The Land of Shadow's Black Speech
Nine Lessons for Learning the Dark Tongue of Mordor

Lesson I - Background Information
Lesson II - Black Speech Sounds and Pronunciation
Lesson III - Verbs:  Infinitives and Present Tense
Lesson IV - Noun plurals
Lesson V - Verbs:   Future tense

Lesson VI - Adjectives and Word Order
Lesson VII - Prepositions
Lesson VIII - Verbs:  Past Tense
Lesson IX - Numbers
Lesson IX - Pronouns and Commands

-Lesson VIII.  Verbs:  Past Tense-

In Black Speech, the past tense is formed by adding -uz to the verb stem.  As in the future tense verb formation, you add the third person singular or plural ending to -ub.  For example, “he found” would translate as “gimbuzat.”  “They called” = bugduzut.”

Thrakat, to bring

thrakuz             I brought                      thrakuz             we brought

thrakuz             you brought                  thrakuz             you (pl) brought

thrakuzat          he-she-it brought          thrakuzut          they brought

Here are a few more verbs to learn:

ghaashat           to burn

gashnat             to speak

ikhat                 to force

lagat                 to break

kulat                 to be

shagat               to demand

urkat                to condemn, to damn

Translate the following:

They forced the tough orcs in Orthanc.

The Nazgûl (sing.) called the old warriors of Saruman to Isengard.

She ruled over the powerful beasts in Rhovanion.

Saruman spoke to the old ugly trolls.

(this one is very tricky, so here is the answer:  Saruman gashnuzat olog-kû-kûfu.)

I killed Shelob near Cirith Ungol.

He found the evil orc in Mordor.

I brought the cruel beast to Gondor.

Ashlûk called Uglûk away to Moria.

The troll-people demanded the ring from the Nazgûl (plural) in Orthanc.

I was in Gondor to condemn the troll.

You (plural) bound the evil ring in Orodruin.

They broke the rings in Barad-Dûr. 

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