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âdhn-                leave, abandon  (v) RE

âdhûn                alone (adj) RE

aan                   sun (noun) LOS  (<Quenya anar)

aanash              dawn (verb) RE

aanud               South RE

aanug               morning RE

aaps                 meat (noun) LOS  (<Quenya apsa)

aar                   early (adv) LOS (<Quenya arinya)

aarsh                day (noun) LOS

aaraarsh            morning (= dawn) LOS

aarshlût            yesterday (n) LOS

aarshu              tomorrow (n) LOS

aarûrz               soon (adj) LOS

aath                  dog LOS

af-                    throw, cast (verb) LOS

agh                   and TK

agon                 twilight, dusk (noun) SV

ak-                   cut or stab (verb) LOS (<Quenya ecet, “short stabbing sword”)

akash                half LOS

akashuga           hobbit, "halfling" (noun) LOS (< ak + ash + uga, = one who was cut in half)

akashuga-hai     hobbit-people LOS

akh, akh-          1.  yes  2.  agree (verb) LOS

akhoth              "Yes, Sir!"  (said to a superior officer in the orc army)

akhum              agreement (noun) LOS

aklash               music (noun) SV

akul                  chest, torso (noun) LOS

akr-                  drink (verb) LOS

akrum               drink (noun, as in an alcoholic drink) LOS

akrûrz               drunk (adj) LOS

akûl                  ice, glacier (noun) SV

alai                   animal SV

amal                 where (relative) EL [where the shadows . . .]

amat                 why (relative) LOS [explain why you did that]

âmbal               pretty (adj) SV

amol                 how (relative) LOS [he told me how to do it]

amirz                who (relative) LOS [the person who . . . ]

amub                more than RE

amubnar           'as soon as'  (coll expr) RE  ( 'not more than' )

amukh               when (relative) LOS [when we were . . .]

âmul                  calm (adj) SV

amut                  which (relative) LOS [the knife, which I broke . . .]

ana                   edge (edge of an object) SV

aandar              mystery (noun) < SV

aandartûrz         mysterious (adj) < SV

ânghâsh            anvil  (noun) RE

ângh-                forge (verb) RE

aanghum            forge (noun) LOS (<RE)

aquu-               bribe (verb) LOS

aquum              bribe (noun) LOS

ar                     nut (noun) SV

arkû                 ever LOS

arth                  artisan SV

ash                   one TK

ash-                  start, begin (v) RE

ashbazg            rather SV

ashdurbûk        despotism SV

ashpar              rugged (adj) SV

ashrokil            breakfast SV

asht                  skeleton, bone SV

ashûk               alone (adj) SV

âshûrz               first (ordinal) < SV

asr                    knot (noun) SV

atâr                  fact SV

atîg                   over there (loc.) < SV

atish                 container (noun) SV

atish-                keep (verb) SV

ats-                  catch (verb) LOS (< Quenya, atsa)

aurok               mortar (n) SV

auru                  few (adj) LOS

âvul                  steam, fumes SV

az-                   kill (verb) (LOS)

Azog                PN an orc-leader of Moria (LOTR III p441; TH (not 1st edition))
                        (therefore, Azog means “Man-killer,” Azat + ogh, man)

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