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Original Artwork by John Howe, the artists at Weta Digital & Weta Workshop, BenWootten,
Paul Lasaine, Jeremy Bennett, & Guss Hunter.
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A race of monstrous creatures found in caverns and dark places.

They are known from an encounter with the Fellowship of the Ring as they passed through Moria, but were evidently found elsewhere in Middle-earth, too. These trolls, along with orcs and perhaps other creatures, were originally sent to inhabit Moria by Sauron some five hundred years before the War of the Ring.

The cave-trolls of Moria were of huge size with a skin of dark green scales, and flat, toeless feet. The fact that Gandalf was able to recognise the creature he encountered in Moria specifically as a cave-troll strongly suggests that this appearance was shared by others of the kind.


'There's more to come yet,' said Tom 'or I am mighty mistook!'

With sacks in their hands, that they used for carrying off mutton and other plunder, they waited in the shadows.

From The Hobbit - Roast Mutton
The Artist is J. R. R. Tolkien

"Dawn take you all, and be stone to you!" said a voice that sounded like Williams. But it wasn't.

For just at that moment the light came over the hill, and there was a mighty twitter in the branches. William never spoke for he stood turned to stone as he stooped; and Burt and Tom were stuck like rocks as they looked at him.

And there they stand to this day, all alone, unless the birds perch on them; for Trolls, as you probably know, must be underground before dawn, or they go back to the stuff of the mountains they are made of, and never move again. That is what happened to Burt and Tom and William.

'Excellent' said Gandalf..

From The Hobbit - Roast Mutton
The Artist is Alan Lee
DOOM, boom, doom...

'Who comes hither to disturb the rest of Balin Lord of Moria' (Gandalf) cried in a loud voice.

'There are Orcs, very many of them,' he said. 'And some a large and evil: black Uruks of Mordor... a great cave-troll, or more then one!'

From The Fellowship of the Ring - A Journey in the Dark
The Artist is Angus McBride

Drums rolled and fires leaped up... the great doors of the Black gate swung back wide.

'At Pippin's side Beregond was stunned and overborne, and he fell: and the great troll-chief that smote him down bend over him, reaching out a clutching claw; fir these fell creatures would bite the throats of those that they threw down.

From The Retun of the King - The Black Gate Opens
The Artists at EA Games
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