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Jan 012018

MordorLogo200What’s Coming Next to Mordor in 2018?

The Land of Shadow.com is closing in on it’s 20th year online and so we’ll be celebrating this milestone by marking our 20 year anniversary on March 25th!

“Always more people coming to Mordor. One day all the peoples will be inside” ~ Gollum

Just when it looked like Middle-earth had reached it’s zenith as a franchise, we were hit with the news that not only will there be a Middle-earth TV Series on Amazon… but now the tight reigns on the Tolkien Estate might well have been lifted at last!

We don’t know for sure what all this means yet… but we do know that Middle-earth Fandom is alive and kicking, with lots of exciting news and new content coming our way! You can count on Mordor ~ The Land of Shadow.com to bring you all the latest news and rumor!

As we’ve done since the days of our beginning in 1998, we provide a place to explore the darkerside of Tolkien’s Middle-earth. Our Mordor News page will continue to provide the latest updates, trailers and imagery related to all things dark and frightening in fantasy and sci-fi fandom, as well as all of the new Middle-earth related news. However, the primary focus of our site and the majority of content to be found here will continue to spotlight the darkside of Tolkien’s world.

Middle-earth Shadow of War Concept Art by George Rushing

We have now completed the first round of updates to our Brazen Beasts pages! We did not complete all of our goals from last year, simply because there was so much news to report! We will continue adding more updates to our Servants of Shadow, along with additions to The Black Speech pages and our soon to be updated Dark Artists pages. We will also be adding more animation and interactive content on many of the Dark Domains, Servants of Shadow and Brazen Beasts pages, as well as updating our interactive Orcish Beastiary. And don’t forget this years Orc Wars coming in March, our 20 Year Anniversary on March 25 and our Halloween Countdown in October! We will also continue to add new videos to our YouTube Channel as part of our content upgrade, with an emphasis on exploring the creatures, beasts and dark domains of Middle-earth.

Now… against all of my protests, we are considering some possible exploration into social media. We will be posting a poll online soon to get feedback on what if any type of social networking you might like to see attached to The land of Shadow.com. However… the main site will always be the dark heart of Mordor!

Don’t forget that this Wednesday is Professor Tolkien’s Birthday to be celebrated with the Tolkien Toast!

So… keep checking in to Mordor ~ The Land of Shadow.com throughout 2018, as we bring you all things dark and wonderful in Middle-earth!

 We Bow to No One!

 January 1, 2018  Posted by at 6:41 pm

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