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Mar 202017

DarthVaderIconThe Sith Lord in Glorious Hi-res!

Watch Darth Vader come out of the darkness and decimate the rebel scum, as he tries to capture the Death Star transmission from the Rebel Alliance!

“HERE… HERE TAKE IT!”  Rebel Soldier

Watch this incredible ending moment from Rogue One A Star Wars Story the way it was meant to be seen, in brilliant HD in what may well be the best scene in all of Star Wars history! Darth Vader’s Redemption!

I’m not sure how this clip has remained online this long… the lawyers at Lucas Films must be napping! I would watch this video, while you still can!

It’s hard to quantify just how much these films mean to fans, whether it’s Middle-earth, Star Wars, Star Trek, etc… when we see films with characters we know and love, it fills us with joy… and this scene with Darth Vader’s move of villainous redemption stands out for all fans of these films. See two fans HERE react to this moment from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

From the moment we see Vader’s ship heading to the Rebel space station, we know something is about to happen we haven’t felt since… Star Wars: A New Hope! The thrill of seeing the CGI graphic of the Death Star, seen in the original Star Wars, which by the was one of the first uses of an animated 3D wire-frame graphic in film. As the Rebel soldier downloads the transmission of the Death Star plans to a disk, we see see them rush to the escape vehicle from the opening moment of A New Hope. This is the ship chased by the massive Imperial Battle Cruiser, we see as its endless underbelly eclipse the entire screen!


This scene happens just moments before these events take place. We see the Rebel soldiers running for their lives to the air lock of the ship, only to find the door jammed. The lights flash and go out, leaving the end of the hallway behind them in complete darkness, the only light coming from the airlock. There is silence except for the insistent braying of the ships alarm. Then we hear the door behind them opening and from out the the blackness the mechanical breathing of Darth Vader. He engages his lightsaber and they can now see him in the lurid red glow. For a second no one moves.

Then the commander yells fire and all hell breaks loose. Vader easily deflects their laser fire with his light saber. He moves in using the darkside of the force to slam a Rebel against the ceiling and then with a casual flip of his wrist he slices a maggot hole in his belly. He then takes all of the weapons pointed at him with a force pull, cutting down rebels like a knife through butter. The rebel soldiers near the back screams for help begging them to open the door. Vader slams another against the wall slicing and dicing his way to the last soldier who holds the plans. The soldier begs those in the air lock to take the Plans, but even as he hands them over to a rebel, who then races towards the escape ship, Vader cuts through both the last soldier and the jammed door with his lightsaber and enters the airlock cutting down the defending soldiers.

With only seconds to spare they close the door and launch the ship out of the bay. We see Darth Vader striding out of the door and standing on the launch pad, his cape billowing from the winds of the ships exhaust, with storm troopers running up behind him. I wonder if elements of the scene and his heroic pose were inspired by the artwork of  Jerry VanderStelt HERE and HERE?

This scene was beautifully crafted and in my opinion is one of the best scenes in the entire Star Wars Legendarium.

So sit back and enjoy Dark Vader in all the HD Glory!

UPDATE: OUCH… even as I posted this video Disney descended and killed it! Sorry! If another one pops up we will post it! Here is another one HERE, but not so good! This one shows most of the last battle HERE

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