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Aug 072017

TheMonsterADI makes The Monster

Watch the creation of this monster from tooth to toe, from sculpt, to fabrication, to molds and finally a full on suit with animatronics.

The classic making of a monster.

Amalgamated Dynamics, Inc. or ADIStudio for short created the practical effects for 2016’s The Monster and here you can see it all!

The Monster is a classic Creature-feature that cam out last year and ADIStudios was tasked with bringing the monster to life in practical form. Here is how they did it.

“Chronicled in this video is the evolution of the animatronic head for the title character the 2016 film The Monster. Sculpture, mold, mechanical build, finish and paint–it’s all here.”

“Our first step working on director Bryan Bertino’s film The Monster was to illustrate the potential of a man-in-a-suit approach to the title character. We invited Bryan and his director of photography, Julie Kirkwood, to the shop and dressed stuntman Chris Webb with screen-used creature suit pieces from past projects to give the director a sense of what was possible. This is the chronicle of that suit-bash test.”

“Following the successful “suit-bash” test for director Bryan Bertino’s The Monster (2016), ADI began work piecing the title character’s body together on a very tight time schedule.”

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