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Jan 302017

phuc-dang-demogorgonExploring the creature effects…

The folks at Spectral Motion were responsible for creating the practical effects used to breath life into the Stranger Things monstrous Demogorgon.

The creative process behind the Stranger Things practical effects monster.

Watch the folks at Spectral Motion test the practical effects being tried out in their FX Lab, along with these photos showing the development of the suit.

I’m hoping the Demogorgon will get an encore performance in Season Two of Stranger Things, making a come back either through the Upside-down or perhaps growing from one of those slimy eels that Will Beyer keeps throwing up! Here is how Spectral Motion describe the work they do…

“The name Spectral Motion was inspired by the luminous images we see each time we view a motion picture. The gossamer veil between reality and the events on the screen serves as the bridge by which we connect to those ghostly images whose stories are forever preserved on and in film. Spectral Motion’s goal as a company is to serve the creative process of bringing these images to life time and again through artistic expression.”

The artists at Spectal Motion specialize in the design and creation of astonishing cinematic creature effects, prosthetic makeup effects, state-of-the-art animatronics, dynamic costumes and action props.

A movement test of the animatronic Demogorgon head from Stranger Things. Click the image below to see it in motion!



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