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Mar 052018

Monsters of Middle-earth

Want to create a photo op for your Mordor Cosplay? Then why not make a backdrop, that features the broken walls of Osgiliath with a Fell Beast bursting through?

“Soon  it appeared as a great winged creature, blacker than the pits of the night.” ~ J.R.R. Tolkien

Lindy Design Lab has created a cool looking Middle-earth photo wall, featuring the winged Fell Beast of the Nazgûl!

We have been following the progress of Lindsey Bollhoefer, a designer and propmaker from Melbourne, who has been making an interesting version of the Witch-king costume. Here she turns to a side project to create a Fell Beast photo wall!

“Sculpting and painting a textured stone backdrop, building the Nazgul fell beast torso and neck and putting it all together with the wing and head to create the finished photo wall. Full list of supplies and links to get them.” ~ Lindsey

Making a 3D Stone Wall and Finishing the Fell Beast

 March 5, 2018  Posted by at 7:55 am

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