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Apr 062016

OrcWars2016BracketRound Five Begins!

Here is the Mordor March Madness Orc Wars 2016 Round Five Bracket as we narrow the field down to the Final Four who will engage in deadly competition!

Here come the Final Fearsome Four!

The Final Fearsome Four are now prepared to fight! They will now go into battle for the coveted Championship Round as they try to survive the Mordor Thunderdome! Only two will be left after Round Five and the final conflict will be engaged!

These Fearsome Four represent the best of the best and the baddest of the bad! Using ferocity… trickery… cunning… and brute strength, one Uruk from each of the four Dark Domains of Middle-earth, Mordor, Mirkwood, Moria and Isengard have survived intense battles of the ballot and now must face off once more to see who live and who will be dumped and burned in a flaming pit!

Two final battles will be waged under the Thunderdome upon the plateau of Gorgoroth and the winners will go on to the final Championship Round!

So here is the Orc Wars 2016 Round Five Bracket, updated with the Final Fearsome Four in the Semi-final rounds! Since these battles will be held in the Mordor Thunderdome, we will be uploading both fights into a single post that will go live at Noon today!

The voting for this Semi-final Round 5 will conclude on Friday the 8th of April at Noon! The Final Championship Battle will begin Friday Night and carry through until Sunday at 3PM when the voting concludes and a winner is determined!

These Final Fearsome Four battles will determine who will enter the final Championship! Lay your staff on the image to see a larger version!


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