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Mar 302018

Round Five Begins!

The fighting continues in Round Five of 2018 Orc Wars! The Final Fearsome Four will now engage in a battle to the death to see who will go to the final Championship Round!

“Two Orcs Enter… One Orc Leaves!”

The Mordor March Madness Orc Wars continues with the Semi-final Round Five under the Mordor Thunderdome!

Orc Wars 2018 now enters Round Five which carries on this years Mordor March Madness in The Land of Shadow.com

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All the Orcs of Middle-earth have gathered upon the dark plain of Gorogorth around the Mordor Thunderdome, as the Final Fearsome Four go under the Iron Dome in two separate fights to the death! A total of Sixty Orcs and Trolls have fallen in this years Orc Wars and now only four remain!

We now pit Mordor against Moria and Mirkwood against Isengard! Kakok v Ufthak go up first, followed by Azog v Lurtz… the stakes are high as these four hero orcs and troll fight with all they have to survive!

The big bight of the day will be between The Olog-hai Kakok agaist the massive Uruk Ufthak… who will win this fight? There very ground rumbles as the two go into the ring.

Of course Azog v Lurtz is a fight no one wants to miss! These two Uruks of giant size and power are an equal match for one another and the outcome will be anyone’s guess!

Brazen horns are blown. Drums roll across the arid plain. The raucous cries of countless orcs, echo throughout Mordor… the great Eye in the Dark Tower looks down upon the valley of terror in the the Land of Shadow. Suddenly Mount Doom erupts in fiery chaos… The signal has been sent and the Final Four go not into battle!

Let the Games begin!

Here is Round Five as Kakok takes on Ufthak and Azog takes on Lurtz… no fighting has ever been this intense! What a set of match ups! Four of the most bad ass Servants of Shadow found in The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit films!

The time has come to vote!

Semi-final One ~ Mordor v Mirkwood



Semi-final Two ~ Moria v Isengard



Next comes the Championship Round on Saturday!


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  • Roberto Took

    Kakok vs Lurtz