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Apr 012018

The Orc Championship Fight Begins!

The final battle now lies before us, as two of the most ferocious and deadly creatures of Middle-earth ever to walk under the dark light of the moon, will now enter the Mordor Thunderdome!

“Two Orcs Enter… One Orc Leaves!”

The fighting has been terrible and bloody as sixty-two Uruks & Trolls of Middle-earth have fallen under the iron dome of Mordor… only two now remain standing and very soon there will only be one! Welcome to the Final Edition of the 2018 Orc Wars Mordor March Madness!

The voting begins now, as Kakok and Azog enter the Mordor Thunderdome to fight it out to the death until only one is victorious! In an unbelievable upset, Kakok a mountain troll of Mordor took down the mighty Jailor of Dol Guldur, Ufthak! And he was not too gentle in his labors, what was left of Ufthak was hardly to be recognized! Azog the Defiler had his way with Lurtz, leaving a tasty meal for the Wargs of Mordor. So now… the final two have been chosen!

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Thousands of Uruk-hai, Orcs, and Goblins and have gathered upon the dark plain of Gorgoroth, circling and clawing their way to the top of the Mordor Thunderdome, to try and get a front row seat to the biggest battle in the history of Mordor Orc Wars! The Olog-hai, the Hill Trolls, the Cave Trolls and the War Trolls of the east, have gathered to watch their first time champion take the field of battle! Their stomping upon the earth, feels like Mount Doom in it’s wrath!

We now pit Azog against Kakok… Moria against Mordor! The Hobbit against The Lord of the Rings. A horn is sounded, the unruly and raucous crowd of orcs & trolls scream for blood. Two iron trap doors open up and out from the training pits come two battle ready creatures, Uruk and Troll… both massive in size, strong, agile and cunning. These two great Servants of Shadow are evenly matched and ready for the fight of their lives!

All grows quite… even Mount Doom burns low and it’s great rumblings grind to a halt. Kakok and Azog enter under the Dome and it’s great iron doors clangs shut. The chanting begins…

“Two Orcs Enter… One Orc Leaves… Two Orcs Enter… One Orc Leaves… Two Orcs Enter… One Orc Leaves!”

Brazen horns are blown. Drums roll across the arid plain. The raucous cries of countless orcs, echo throughout Mordor… the great Eye in the Dark Tower looks down upon the valley of terror in the the Land of Shadow. Suddenly Mount Doom erupts in fiery chaos… The signal has been sent and the Final Championship has begun!

“Dyin’ Times Here!”

It time for you to partake in the fight of the century as Azog takes on Kakok for the crown!

The time has come to vote!

Final Championship Battle ~ Mordor v Moria!

Kakok v Azog




Voting ends on this final Championship Round
tomorrow at 6:00 PM!




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