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Mar 182017

OrcWars17IconRound Two ~ Mirkwood!

The fighting continues in Round Two of the 2017 Orc Wars! We continue with 8 Orcs of Mirkwood ready to do battle to the death!

“Two Orcs Enter… One Orc Leaves!”

The Mordor March Madness Orc Wars continues beneath the dark shadows of Mirkwood, in sight of the terrible ruins of Dol Guldur!

Orc Wars 2017  Round Two ~ Mirkwood begins under the dark canopy of the forest and carries on this years March Madness in The land of Shadow.com


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All the Orcs of Mirkwood have gathered once more to witness the battles under the Thunderdome, as 8 of the remaining orcs in Mirkwood go under the Iron Dome in a fight to the death! The Thunderdome was forged in the smithies under Dol Guldur and were dragged by a team of wargs into a dark open glade bare of trees. There it was erected by 100 Uruks of Dol Guldur under the starless skies!

Brazen horns are blown. Drums roll under the dark forest. The raucous cries of countless orcs, echo throughout  Mirkwood… one of the Nazgûl sits upon his throne high atop the ruins and looks down upon the terrible shadows of Mirkwood. Suddenly a great flash of light shoots up out of Dol Guldur, lurid and green… The signal has been sent!

Let the Games begin… again!

Here is Round Two ~ Mirkwood, soon to be followed by Round Two ~ Moria, and lastly Round Two ~ Isengard!

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Keep your eyes open… Round Two ~ Moria is coming next!


 March 18, 2017  Posted by at 12:17 pm
  • GoodnightRaggedyMan

    would love a bolg vs ufthak (original bolg look) final 🙂

  • Grievous1138

    Dalug-hai and Yazneg are tied, Ufthak actually has a challenge, and as expected Maugoth is slaughtering his opponent… It’s an interesting matchup indeed.