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Mar 132018

Round One ~ Isengard!

The fighting continues in Round One of the 2018 Orc Wars! We continue with 16 orcs and trolls ready to do battle to the death!

“Two Orcs Enter… One Orc Leaves!”

The Mordor March Madness Orc Wars continues within the ring of Isengard, in sight of the black tower of Orthanc

Orc Wars 2018 continues within the circular fortress, as Round One ~ Isengard carries on this years March Madness in The Land of Shadow.com

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All the Orcs and Uruk-hai of the White Hand have gathered to witness the battles under the Thunderdome, as 16 of the deadliest orcs and trolls in Isengard go under the Iron Dome in a fight to the death! The Thunderdome was forged in the smithies under Orthanc and was pulled up by trolls with mechanized winches, gears & pullies. The dome was then placed amid the pits and orc-holds that now fill all the plain around the tower. There it was erected by 100 Uruk-hai born in the birthing pits below.

Brazen horns are blown. Drums roll from beneath the pits. The raucous cries of countless orcs, echo throughout  Isengard… high atop the tower of Orthanc upon his balcony, Saruman looks down upon the plain below. Suddenly he raises his staff and a blue flash of light shoots up from the needle sharp spikes of Orthanc. The signal has been sent!

Let the Games begin!

Here is the final Round One ~ Isengard! Don’t forget, that you can lay your staff upon each of the Orc Cards below to see a larger size and help you decide which Uruk should win the fight!

The time has come to vote!

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Keep watch on your favorite orcs and trolls over the course of the next few days to see how they are doing! Round Two Begins next Sunday!


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