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Apr 082016

OrcWarsIconThe Orc Championship Fight Begins!

The final battle now lies before us, as two of the most ferocious and deadly Uruks ever to walk under the dark light of the moon, will now enter the Mordor Thunderdome!

“Two Orcs Enter… One Orc Leaves!”

The fighting has been terrible and bloody as sixty-two Uruks of Middle-earth have fallen under the iron dome of Mordor… only two now remain standing and very soon there will only be one! Welcome to the Final Edition of the Orc Wars Thunderdome!

The voting begins now, as Uglúk and Ufthak enter the Mordor Thunderdome to fight it out to the death until only one is victorious!


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Thousands of Uruk-hai, Orcs, and Goblins and have gathered upon the dark plain of Gorgororth, circling and clawing their way to the top of the Mordor Thunderdome, to try and get a front row seat to the biggest battle in the history of Mordor Orc Wars!

We now pit Ufthak against Uglúk… Mirkwood against Isengard! A horn is sounded, the unruly and raucous crowd of orcs scream for blood. Two iron trap doors open up and out from the training pits come two battle ready orcs… both massive in size, strong, agile and cunning. These two great Uruks are evenly matched and ready for the fight of their lives!

All grows quite… even Mount Doom burns low and it’s great rumblings grind to a halt. Uglúk and Ufthak enter under the Dome and it’s great iron doors clangs shut. The chanting begins…

“Two Orcs Enter… One Orc Leaves… Two Orcs Enter… One Orc Leaves… Two Orcs Enter… One Orc Leaves!”

Brazen horns are blown. Drums roll across the arid plain. The raucous cries of countless orcs, echo throughout Mordor… the great Eye in the Dark Tower looks down upon the valley of terror in the the Land of Shadow. Suddenly Mount Doom erupts in fiery chaos… The signal has been sent and the Final Championship has begun!

“Dyin’ Times Here!”

It time for you to partake in the fight of the century as Uglúk takes on Ufthak for the crown!

The time has come to vote!

Final Championship Battle ~ Mirkwood v Isengard

Ufthak v Uglúk



Voting ends on this final Championship Round this Sunday at 3:00 PM!



 April 8, 2016  Posted by at 4:00 pm
  • CT

    At last…….dyin’ time is here! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pHU6K47qgc8

  • Looks like Ufthak has the advantage in this final round!

  • CT

    So far, but it’s still early, And Ugluk, with victories over both Lurtz and Bolg is more than capable of a comeback.

  • Roberto Took

    Ugluk is doing better than I thought and reasonably well, but not close to winning

  • Kingdune

    Come on Ugluk! Make a comeback here.

  • CT

    Well it’s certainly looking bleak at the moment, but Ugluk has nothing to apologize for. He’s still standing while the likes of Azog, Bolg and Lurtz are long gone………

  • CT

    And it’s over………….with a whopping 72.09% the voters have spoken………Ufthak is the 2016 Orc Wars Champion!

  • Roberto Took

    These were two amazing orc contestants. Ufthak was able to get almost perfect wins against his opponents until now. Ugluk also got wins against super tough ones like Lurtz.

  • CT

    Ugluk also beat Bolg……so like I said, he’s got nothing to apologize for. He had a great tourney, finishing much higher than I thought he would.

  • Grievous1138

    Hello, Ringlord. Not exactly the place for this, I would think, but as I honestly have no idea where else to put this, here goes.

    Recently, I have been writing a lot of fanon for my own purposes in another community, and was wondering if you would like some writing help, especially for more encyclopedic sections of the site, especially pertaining to the Orcs of Moria and the Misty Mountains in general. I have a lot of this sort of stuff thought out, and provided with proper means of contact I could write and send you stuff to put here.

  • Grievous1138

    I completely forgot to add that my email is legovignettes@gmail.com, if you need it.