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Mar 142017

DeadOrcIconThe Legion of Sixty-four is ready for battle!

In Mordor, Mirkwood, Moria and Isengard an Iron Thunderdome has been raised and uruks of every stripe have gathered to do battle and see who is the strongest and most cunning Orc fighter in Middle-earth!

Let the bloodbath begin!

In just moments you will have a chance to vote your favorite Uruks from Mordor, Mirkwood, Moria and Isengard to the top of the heap as Orc Wars 2017 commences!

The uruks go wild, smashing swords against shields. Screaming the name of their favorite orc as they climb the walls of the Thunderdome. Finally a hush falls over the crowd, the first pair of combatants enter the iron door of the Thunderdome. Listen all… it’s dying time again!

“Two orcs enter… one orc leaves!”

Welcome to another edition of Mordor Thunderdome!

 March 14, 2017  Posted by at 9:51 am

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