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Apr 212017

artist--jurgis-mikalauskas--smaug-eye-tattoo_IconHe is watching you!

One of the most iconic images from The Hobbit Trilogy is the close up of the opening Eye of Smaug the magnificent and it was captured perfectly in this Middle-earth Tattoo.

“Truly, tales and songs fall utterly short of your enormity, O Smaug the Stupendous.”  Bilbo

This Eye of Smaug tattoo by artist Jurgis Mikalauskas really seems to come alive on the arm of this Tolkien Fan who is sporting this Middle-earth Tat on his upper arm.

I must say this tattoo would freak me out if I woke up and looked down at my arm to find this looking back at me! The Tattoo is based on the iconic moment, when Smaug awakens, which we get to see twice in The Hobbit Trilogy. The first is at the end of An Unexpected Journey and the second is when Bilbo awakens the great beast in The Desolation of Smaug.

This image appears to be based on the scene in the second film, where Smaug’s eye has much greater detail and depth.

You can go HERE to see more of the artists work,


Here is the full finished Tattoo…


 April 21, 2017  Posted by at 4:51 am
  • Ian

    Wow… getting your whole arm inked up like that takes some major dedication! At least the recipient chose someone who did a great job on all those scales and colors.