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Mordor ~ The Land of Shadow.com is costly for us to maintain.

There is a monthly payment of $40.00 to our web host, which adds up to a yearly cost, along with our Domain Registration of over $500.00. If you factor in our time and the additional cost of subscription rates for the software we use to create this site, it begins to add up. Over the last 18 years, Mordor has been a labor of love and we have never made anything from running this site. We garner a very little bit here and there from the sale of Middle-earth Collectibles, but over the course of the many years we have provided this site to our fans, it really amounts to nothing against what it costs to maintain the site.

Just to be certain, we want you to know that we pledge to our readership, that every dollar donated to Mordor, will go directly back into the running the site!

Now, we will continue running this site, regardless of the amount of donations we get. However, receiving a little help now and again, to offset our costs doesn’t hurt and you can’t fault us for asking.


For those of you able to give, we thank you in advance!

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