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Feb 092018

The Dark Tribe

Middle-earth: Shadow of War has opened up a new world of Middle-earth Cosplay that is only just beginning to surface.

“You must dig swift and deep, if you wish to hide from Orcs.”  ~ J.R.R.Tolkien

Cosplay artist Daraya-crafts out of Poland has created this Mordor Uruk Costume based on the orcs of the Dark Tribe, from Middle-earth Shadow of War.

Raised in Shadow, the Dark Tribe of Mordor strikes terror because they strike from the darkness! There is no hiding, no safety, no escape. Surrender to the Dark tribe!

Take a look at this Mordor Fan Cosplay inspired by The Dark Tribe from Middle-earth: Shadow of War. This creative interpretation of the digital Uruks from Shadow of War can be yours HERE on Etsy. Hand-made to order and size of eva foam, worbla, faux leather and cotton.

 February 9, 2018  Posted by at 8:11 am

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