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May 022018

Becoming a Green-skin!

Here is a solid tutorial on creating a cosplay orc costume for use on the battlefield during LARP campaign.

‘The Orcs have run before us, as if the very whips of Sauron were behind them.’ ~ Legolas

Phorix Gaming offers this h0w-to video on creating an orc costume and make-up prosthetics for the green-skin variety of uruk, This costume is designed for use specifically in live action role-playing!

This tutorial is created by the folks from the LARP World of Valternia and it looks like they are having a blast creating the fantasy world of Men, Dwarves, Elves and Orcs!

The gamers of Valternia describe their LARP this way…

“The World of Valternia is a LARP created by a group of individuals who get together and perform a sort of interactive theater. In Valternia you create your own character and go out on quests, partake in large scale battles, or hang out at the local tavern.”

Go HERE to discover more about the World of Valternia…

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