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Dec 042017

A Good Costume Starter

For those cosplayers who might lack sewing or fabric skills, this is a good starter to an Orc Costume that solves a lot of issues.

This  item is made with cuir, rivet, boutons pressions and brown leather.

Designed for a post-apocalyptic look, this cape and collar also works great for the scratch together look of an Uruk from Mordor.

This handcrafted cape with a high collar made ​​from scraps of brown leather sports a brown and black patina with rivets and snaps in antique gold finish. The short cape can be worn in different ways, with open the collar and turned up to taste. Two loops attach and decorate the shoulder.

This costume addition solves a multitude of problems when creating an orc costume. The biggest is the area around the neck. The collar easily covers the transition from prosthetic make-up on the face down to the neck. This worn over a torn fabric poncho takes care of the major look of the an uruk costume.

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 December 4, 2017  Posted by at 11:28 am

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