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Mar 082018

The Goblins are Gathering…

The Neothera Saga is a LARP from the UK and they have just added a new race of characters into their gameplay… Goblins!

“The Neothera Saga is a High Fantasy, Steampunk LARP group specialising in plot-driven, emotive and extremely immersive events.”

Though Neothera Saga UK LARP doesn’t focus on Middle-earth, this High Fantasy, Steampunk LARP has just added Goblin characters to their roleplay events.

They are offering Goblins as a new playable race. if you are interested go HERE for more information, where they have downloads that accompany lore material.

The Neothera Saga is a High Fantasy/Steampunk LARP group based in Devon in the UK. They specialize in plot-driven small-scale, emotive and extremely immersive events, that offer cosplayers the chance to step into a vast world of mystical creatures, where magic and technology compete for dominance.

Go HERE to see a gallery of the latest event including the Goblins..

Neothera Saga UK LARP: Goblins (New Playable Race)

 March 8, 2018  Posted by at 5:41 am

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