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Apr 162017

tumblr_inline_nmg4j5sKEN1qdom3d_IconThe Return of the King

The men and women of Minas Tirith have waited for the King’s return and now they celebrate King Elessar, with this Gondorian Confection crowned with a ripe red raspberry!

“It will not let the white city fall!”  Aragorn

Check out this delicious recipe for ‘Minas Tirith White Cakes’ by Hannah Call, who runs a Lord of the Rings-themed food blog and has publish a book called Fantastical Eats & Treats!

What better way to herald in the coming of spring than with these delicate white cakes reminiscent of the towers of Minas Tirith! Pippin might well have eaten these in one of his many return trips the city of the guard . Probably after eating dried stuff and waybread on the road, these ‘sugary confections’ were like manna to his hobbit palate. They’ll be good to your palate, too.

A self-taught cook, Hannah loves to try interesting new recipes on hapless family members and friends… and I expect the occasional Orc!

Go HERE to get the full recipe!



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