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On Saturday, February 25 the online Target Store inadvertently posted a page with info and packaging details for something called Middle-earth: Shadow of War. Observant gamers quickly understood that this must be the long awaited sequel to Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor. When Target realized their error, they quickly took down the content, but not fast enough. The images and text were screen captured, downloaded and before long had caught fire across the web. The genie was out of the bottle. It caught everyone by surprise… including Monolith and WB Games.

Launch Day is Here!

The War for Middle-earth has begun and now it’s time to fight!



Here is a listing of most of the major postings here in Mordor and HERE for EVERY Single post about the game!

GO HERE to read all about Target’s Blunder!

Over the last year or so we’ve been posting rumors and news about the proposed sequel to the game, though Warner Bros. was keeping a tight lid on information! After Target’s blunder, we scrambled to pull together everything we knew about the sequel to Shadow of Mordor and created a post with links to all the info we had to date.  Finally on Monday, February 27th Warner Bros. release their Announcement Trailer and the media blitz for the game began.

Go HERE to read about the news, history and announcement for Shadow of War

The Announcement Trailer hit us like an army of Uruks, and in looking at it several times over, we decided this jam-packed teaser for the game needed a complete trailer breakdown! Since we saw none on the web, it fell to us to make one!

Go HERE to see our complete Trailer Breakdown!

We also cobbled together info from across the web about the games different platforms, packaging, expansion packs, special editions and pre-order extras the was leaking out everywhere. Of course, nothing prepared us for the awesome but expensive Mithril Edition!

Go HERE to see our info on the game editions.

During the trailer and also in a press release by WB, it was announced that on March 8th there will be a introduction to gameplay and at this time we’re still unsure what form this will take.

Go HERE for info on on the March 8th Event

On March 8th, WB Games and Monolith Productions posted an in-depth look at how the game will be played, which features innovations to the Nemesis System. This expansion of the system allows you to the create armies in order to attack the series for fortresses the protect and defend the Land of Shadow.

Go HERE for info on the Gameplay Reveal!

As more news and postings here in Mordor go online, we’ll post links here on this page, so count on Mordor to be your Shadow of War Command Post until the game is released!

Go HERE for info on the New release date.

The developers at Middle-earth: Shadow of War have pushed back the release date of the game from August 22 to October 10th!

Go HERE for info news on the introduction of the Emission Forge!

Now you can bring your greatness evil nemesis from Shadow of Mordor and your most loyal orc follower into the Middle-earth: Shadow of War, in essence connecting the two games and continuing you own story!


Here are some recent images you might want to check out!

Middle-earth: Shadow of War Announcement Trailer!

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