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Lurtz ~ Uruk-hai of Isengard

“An Orc commander sent in search of the haflings, along the banks of the the great River”

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey


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There was said to have been a great orc, an Uruk-hai bred in the pits of Orthanc, who was regarded as the prefect specimen above all others in Saruman’s breeding programs. He was proof that the Orcs of Middle-earth could be improved and made better. This orc was named Lurtz and he played an important part in the War of the Ring.

Saruman the White secretly coveted the One Ring of Power and kept hidden his desire to use it to shape the will of men. He believed the Ring had not been destroyed, but was lost. It was his hope, that what was lost could be found again. If one of the wise such as himself, could bend the power of the Ring to create order in Middle-earth rather than destruction, then the Ring might be turned to a tool of good rather then a weapon of evil.

In his desire to find the Ring, Saruman looked into the Palantir of Orthanc, hoping to learn where it could be found. After reading many scrolls found in the archives of Gondor, he became convinced the Ring had indeed survived and lay hidden somewhere along the River Anduin. He searched long through the lands of Middle-earth, searching farther afield  to the the south and east, until in his frustration he dared looked among the Mountains of Shadow and his gaze was eventually drawn into the land of Mordor itself. And so it was that Saruman became ensnared by the Dark Lord and the Palantir in Barad-dûr.

Though he fell under the will of the Dark Lord, he was a powerful wizard in his own right, who held out hope of finding the Ring and setting up Isengard against Mordor, rather than do it’s bidding. In his desire to both serve and defy the dark power in Barad-dûr, Saurman needed to raise an army of his own, with great speed and secrecy. In the breeding pits beneath the plain of Isengard, Saruman used foul-craft to breed men & orcs and create his ultimate weapon, the perfected Uruk-hai.

Lurtz was said to have been his prized Uruk-hai, who was sent out after the company of nine with a large band of Uruk-hai numbering in the hundreds. He was commanded to search for halflings along the great river Anduin and bring them back to Isengard with all speed, alive and unspoiled. Everyone else was to be killed.

Lurtz was sent out with the best warriors and trackers under the command of the White Hand, to the river’s edge along the East Fold of Rohan, to waylay the Fellowship. They were discovered along the shores of Parth Galen and in the woods beneath Amon Hen. They captured two of the haflings, but at a great price. A mighty warrior defended them and killed many of the orcs, who lay in a pile around him. It is believed that Lurtz was the Uruk-hai who brought down Boromir, the soldier of Gondor with great black arrows shot from his bow of yew. As this alternate tale tells it, Lurtz was himself killed by the hand of Aragorn, son of Arathorn, the lost King of Gondor.

The haflings were then taken by the remaining Uruk-hai led by Uglúk, who took up command after the fall of their leader Lurtz. The orcs tried to make their way back to Isengard, only to be destroyed under the eaves of Fangorn.

Lurtz was an Uruk-hai of great agility and power, his brute strength was matched only by his cunning and intelligence. The loss of Lurtz at the hand of Aragorn, may well have turned the tide of Battle at Helm’s Deep, where it was certain Lurtz would have commanded the armies of Saruman, if he had survived.

Of course these accounts are mere rumors that can never be known for certain, because none now live who remember it.


Lurtz commaned the Uruk-hai with an ironfist and slaughted and fed upon any snaga, who dared defy him.

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