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Mar 062018

Legacy of the Necromancer

Lord of the Rings Online and Standing Stone Games is releasing the next update in the ongoing massive multiplayer online role-playing game featuring the lands of Middle-earth! Update 22 ~ Legacy of the Necromancer!

“The Black Book of Mordor Continues!” ~ LOTRO

Yesterday LOTRO posted the Update 22: Legacy of the Necromancer Release Notes which you can read through HERE on the Community Forums.

Lord of the Rings Online continues to forge new territory, as they move past the events of The Lord of the Rings and into the Fourth Age of Middle-earth. Below is an excerpt of the Release Notes posted yesterday. Go HERE to get more info on Update 22: Legacy of the Necromancer which is coming today.

Here are the Release Notes for Update 22, released on Tuesday, March 6th
Of Special Note
The Black Book of Mordor Continues!
Chapters 5 and 6 of the Black Book of Mordor are now available! As the Golden Host moves toward Dol Guldur, others come that way too, in search of things lost and forgotten. Players who have purchased the Mordor expansion automatically have access to this new Black Book of Mordor content. Players who have completed Chapter 4.4, “Union of Evil”, can speak to Mithrandir in the wreckage of the Black Gate to begin Chapter 5 of the Black Book of Mordor.
Strongholds of the North
Visit the Strongholds of the North! Encounter the Elvenking Thranduil, discover what is causing trouble in Dale and Lake-town in the Dale-lands, and help the renewed dwarven kingdom of Erebor. Accomplish unique goals with new deeds, and defend yourself against the scourges of these three kingdoms. This update includes over 125 new quests and deeds, which can be accessed by travelling to any hub in the Strongholds of the North. Access this content in the new Legacy of the Necromancer adventure pack, available in the LOTRO Store and FREE for VIPs!
Eryn Lasgalen
The name Mirkwood is no longer. The Wood-elves are reclaiming their forest with the name Wood of Greenleaves, but all is not cleansed yet. Trouble lurks in corners, and mysteries confound the Elves. Where have the spiders gone? Who would steal from the Raft-elves goods? What else has long dwelled, unseen, within the woods?
The Dale-lands
Nearly eighty years have passed since a company of Dwarves, a Wizard, and a very short burglar woke a dragon and Lake-town was set aflame. A new Lake-town has been built, Dale has been re-settled, and the Kingdom under the mountain thrives, but change has not lessened its pace. Mere days have passed since Jangovar Easterlings were repelled from Dale. However, new Easterlings have arrived from far Rhûn, dressed in rags, and telling tales of sorrow.
New Episodic Content
The Lay of Rust and Rime is a series of Strongholds in the North end game episodic quests that will become available on Wednesdays starting March 14th!

Go HERE for more…

 March 6, 2018  Posted by at 6:13 am
  • Ruca77

    An epic update! The landscapes are just amazing! And get lost in Mirkwood is so easy, feels very realistic 😀

  • Ruca77

    If anyone wants see any screenshot from any area just reply this comment and I will share a link 🙂 /swordsalute

  • Share your link!

  • Ruca77

    As master ring lord commanded, here it is 😀

    (loads of it, be ready ;D but can get a nice idea) – Begin is Mirkwood and so on, then get some also at Minas Tirith, Orthanc,Angmar,,, Spring Festival in Duillond and Mordor and so o7
    Cheers, FOR FOG! 🙂

    PS: its an epic game should try it 🙂

  • Those are some really nice screen caps! Very beautiful!

  • Ruca77

    Glad you enjoyed friend! Its indeed some epic landscape!
    If interested in give any particular region just send me a poke 🙂

    You need to try it out 😀 /toast