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Apr 142017

LOTRO10Anniversary Event!

Starting on April 20th you can enjoy LOTRO’s annual Anniversary Event which will include expanded fireworks at the party tree, quests, events and 12 hours of Livestream on the 24th!

“All month long LOTRO be sharing memories, images, and more.”  LOTRO Developers

Lord of the Rings Online has created a 10TH Anniversary page HERE and will be updating this page as the month goes on with all the news and events that will be going on to mark this momentous occasion!

It looks like LOTR Online is planning some exciting events to mark ten years of Gameplay! Here is a quick list of what they’ve posted so far…

Updates and news on Facebook and Twitter ~ All month long we’ll be sharing out memories, images, and more. Don’t miss out!
Anniversary Event ~ Starting on April 20th enjoy our annual Anniversary Event with expanded fireworks at the party tree (seriously, you have to see these!), quests, events and more!
Anniversary Scavenger Hunt ~ A new event for 2017! Lasting from April 20th – July 13th, every week you’ll unlock three new quests. Each quest brings us back to the places we have been, and gets us some cool stuff in the process. To start, visit Mr. Waldo Rumble at the party tree in Hobbiton!
GIFs and Images ~ We really wanted to think on where we’ve been, the places we’ve built and seen, and the experiences that we’ve created.
Special 12 hour Live Stream ~ Join Jerry “Cordovan” Snook for a tour down memory lane on April 25th. Enjoy chats from Developers, gameplay, giveaways, and more! Make sure to follow us on Twitch to get notified as we go live.

GO HERE for more info and links…



 April 14, 2017  Posted by at 5:26 am
  • Ruca77

    great stuff o/ Camon LOTRO! To another epic 10 years /toast