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Jun 022017

LOTRO10SoundtrackComposer Chance Thomas

Lord of the Rings Online announces the release of a commemorative 10th Anniversary Soundtrack for the game!

Music to play by…

For the first time ever, these beloved music tracks from LOTRO are all available to own, gathered together in a commemorative double album.

In this interview with Sara Reed from Musician’s Toolkit, composer Chance Thomas talks about how he first began composing music based on the Lord of the Rings literature back in 1998. (This was long before Peter Jackson’s movies came out, and even years before LOTRO itself launched.)

Chance talks with Sara about the stories behind the music, sings one of his themes, and even offers up a little “name that tune”. It’s a wonderful trip down memory lane.

Go HERE to discover more at the soundtrack site…

Chance Thomas talks about creating the new
LOTRO 10th Anniversary Commemorative Soundtrack in a new video:

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