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Apr 202017

LOTROIconLet’s Kick Off the Party!

What better way to get in the mood to celebrate then with a little music from the Four Farthings, with The Lord of the Rings Online Soundtrack by Chance Thomas ‘Party in the Shire’

It’s time to party like a Hafling!

Take a moment to fill a pint, make a toast and drink a cup to the 10th Anniversary of Lord of the Rings Online and then sit back and listen or dance till you drop to this music just posted from the Lord of the Rings Online Soundtrack, Party in the Shire by Chance Thomas!

Here is what Chance has to say about the recording of this music for the game…

“There was joy in the studio when we recorded this track. And some unusual experiences too. The penny whistle was slightly out of tune on a couple of notes, so we put a sliver of tape over those two holes, constantly adjusting until we found just the right encroachment, and it actually fixed it. The fiddle player held her instrument low, with the end pointed toward the floor, and bounced as she played. I’ve never seen a studio musician do that before! The hammer dulcimer player wanted to practice for a few days before we recorded, so I sent her the music in advance. She said she dreamed the music in her sleep, in some sort of mystic Celtic vision.”

#8: Lord of the Rings Online Soundtrack – Chance Thomas – Party in the Shire

 April 20, 2017  Posted by at 12:34 pm