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Mar 232017

LOTROIconUpdate 20 is here!

The first of three Mordor updates has just landed at Lord of the Rings Online and it has drawn massive crowds back to the game to play this iconic moment in Middle-earth history!

“The Black Gate Opens!”  J.R.R. Tolkien

I don’t think it would be an overstatement to say that LOTRO players are as excited as they have ever been about the game, since many have been waiting years for this moment to come!

On Tuesday Lord of the Rings Online uploaded Update 20, which allows players to engage in the Battle of the Black Gate! Probably one of the most anticipated moments in the history of the game. Update 21 will allow players to enter Mordor and still a third Update will come later this year.


Now Available…

Explore over 100+ quests and deeds in the Region of Dagorlad leading up to the Battle of the Black Gate. Experience the Host of the West’s climactic confrontation with Sauron’s forces at the Battle of the Black Gate, as Aragorn seeks to draw Sauron’s Eye away from his true peril. Group up with your friends to explore more of the Epic Story while also enjoying new Resource Instances.

Find out more HERE and listen to Battle of the Black Gate soundtrack below…

 March 23, 2017  Posted by at 1:58 am