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Jan 162023

Check Out Our Updated Black Speech Pages

The Land of Shadow has its own dialect of the Black Speech with lessons, dictionaries and assorted other info to help you master the language of Mordor.

I have been in the process of updating our Shadowlandian Black Speech pages with new links to our Black Speech to English and English to Black Speech dictionaries as well as the lessons created by Scatha our Black Speech linquest who created our version of Tolkien’s Dark Tongue.

Click on the link to find out more…

In the Land of Shadow’s Black Speech pages we offer the history of its origins and purpose of it’s creation. Tolkien wrote that Sauron failed in his attempt to impose the Dark Tongue of Mordor upon his servants, but we believe that if the Ring had not been destroyed this dark language would have spread to every corner of Middle-earth. Our Black Speech pages explores both the Tolkien Canon and the growing legendarium of Middle-earth on this subject.

Click on the link below to get to our Black Speech pages or go to the menu above and click on The Library of Shadow – The Black Speech.

Learn the Black Speech

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