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Apr 162017

tumblr_mkhqq8DWy81r1i1lno1_128013 dwarves, a hobbit and a wizard!

Enjoy these wonderfully illustrated Easter Eggs featuring all thirteen dwarves plus Bilbo and Gandalf smoking their pipes!

“It was a dwarf with a blue beard tucked into a golden belt, and very bright eyes under his dark-green hood.” J.R.R. Tolkien from The Hobbit

You can tell a lot of work when into capturing the likeness of each of the characters from Peter Jackson The Hobbit trilogy!

Can you pick out and name each of the different dwarves?



 April 16, 2017  Posted by at 9:37 am
  • Roberto Took

    Gloin and Dwalin’s eggs are my favorites

  • Ruca77

    haha n1 ;D lovely! o7

  • Windstrm99

    I really like the Gandalf egg.