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Feb 082018

Forage. Eat. Stay.

Take a tour of these Hobbit Holes built into the ground just a like a real Hobbit would if a real Hobbit could!

“Where our hearts truly lie is in peace and quiet, and good tilled earth. For all Hobbits share a love of things that grow.” ~ Bilbo, LOTR: FOTR

Justin Rhodes of the Great American Farm Tour takes fans to three perfect little Hobbit Holes you can rent and stay in at Forest Gully Farms.

The farm itself is owned and operated by Jon and Mandy Giffin, who have a hobbits love of horticulture. Using methods from both permaculture and food forestry, they are hoping to keep a self sustaining ecosystem using native plants, herbs, animals and bees. The Farm is ever evolving farm, so no two visits should be the same. They give tours of the farm for those interested in sustainable farming.

The Hobbit holes which they affectionately call Gully Huts are manufactured by Wooden Wonders and are designed to be just like the traditional Hobbit dwelling, with round doors and built to be underground.

The farm is located in the Fly community of Santa Fe, Tennessee.

Take a tour of the Hobbit Holes at Forest Gully Farm!

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