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Guritz Uruk Captain Upon the Pelennor

“Late, as usual! Pirate scum! There’s knife work needs doing. Come on, ya sea rats! Get out off your ships!”



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There is no mention of this Orc of Minas Morgul in the Red Book of Westmarch, but there are other tales that made their way into the library in Minas Tirith, which suggest that one Orc among the rabble that invaded the Pelennor during the War of the Rings, played a significant role in the battle.

Called Guritz by some and Skully by others, he was said to have been an orc captain of Minas Morgul under the command of Gothmog, who helped direct the battle against the walls of the White City. Is was by his command that the heads of the fallen soldiers of Gondor taken in the ruins of Osgiliath, were catapulted over the walls to fall among the soldiers and people of the city, much to their horror.

He was notable and likely remembered for his war helm, upon which he had mounted the skull of one of his enemies on a black iron spike. This terrible visage, which sat upon his head instilled fear in those who stood before him, both his enemies and the orcs soldiers under his command.

it has been written that he was seen wielding is a two-handed scythe, with which he used to relieve his enemies of their heads.

It was said the this orc fled the charging Rohirrim and went with a band of orcs to the docks to mock the late-arriving pirates aboard the Corsairs’ ships. it was there that he met his fate upon the docks along the river Pelargir, which served as Minas Tirith’s gateway to the sea. When Aragorn and the Black Ships came up from the south, it was at first to great rejoicing by the armies of Mordor, until they discovered it would be the source of their doom. He fled the oncoming wrath of Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli, and the first wave of the Army of the Dead, which jumped out of the Corsairs’ ships attacking the other orcs. He was finally killed by Gimli upon the shores of the river.


Fear. The city is rank with it. Let us ease their pain. Release the prisoners!

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