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Fimbul the Warg Rider

“An Orc commander of the Warg Riders on a mission to destroy the line of Durin forever.”

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey


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Very little is known about the rumored orc by the name of Fimbul, a warg rider under the command of Azog the Pale Orc of Gundabad. There is no mention of this creature in the Red Book of Westmarch, but rather he appeared in tales that came later in the land of Gondor, in the expanded lore of Middle-earth.

Fimbul’s origins are unknown, but he was likely born in the northern fortress of Mount Gundabad and followed Azog to the ruins of the Hill of Sorcery in Dol Guldur. They pledged themselves to one called the Necromancer. Though any orc who might have said it allowed, would have had his head removed, they all believed that this was the Dark Lord of old risen again.

Fimbul commanded a pack of Warg Rider of the north. A savage group of uruks made battle ready by their raids upon the woods-men of Rhovanion, who lived upon the borders of Mirkwood. Their armor was said to have been made from the bone and hide of the Wargs who fell in battle at their side.

It is believed that Fimbul was one of a chosen few, that were hand picked by Azog in the pits of Dol Guldur to accompany the pale Uruk on a quest to kill or capture Thorin Oakenshield, the last remaining heir to the fortunes of Erebor. They traveled over the high pass of the Misty Mountains and down into the lands of the West, full of enemies. They made their way by night under the cover of darkness to Amon Sûl, where they set up camp within the ruins upon the summit of the great hill. This place commanded a wide view of the surrounding lands and the East-west Road. Azog told them that Oakenshield would be coming along the road and he sent out his warg riders both east and west along the road to look for them. None of the Orcs asked how Azog knew these things, because they all understood that he was under the thrall of the Necromancer.

Fimbul and a group of Warg-scouts under the command of Yazneg found the Dwarves east of Weathertop near the Trollshaws. Fimbul was sent back west to Amon Sûl to tell Azog they had been found. Azog told him to return as fast as his warg could carry him and attack and kill the dwarves. Yazneg tracked them for several days and upon Fimbuls return with a larger pack of warg riders, they attacked near the Valley of Rivendell. When Yazneg went before Azog to tell him of their escape and the attack of the Elves, he was slain and fed to the Wargs. Fimbul then stepped up as leader of the warg riders.

Azog sent them out once more to find the Dwarves and they tracked them to the Goblin Tunnels in the Misty Mountains. Azog then came himself upon his white warg and the attackted the dwarves near the East Gate of Goblin Town upon the mountainside. The Dwarves once more escaped Azog , snatched away by the Eagles of the North. Bolg then came from Dol Guldur with a message form the Necromancer for to Azog return to the Hill of Sorcery. Led by Bolg, the Orcs eventually tracked the company to the falls east of the wood-land realm of the Elves, along the borders of Mirkwood, where they once more escaped thee clutches of the Orcs.

Finally Bolg took a small pack of Orcs to raid the town of the Lake-men in search of Oakenshield. They discovered he had already embarked for the Mountain and in an ensuing battle with the Elves Tauriel and Legolas, Fimbul lost his head. Literally.

Of course these accounts are mere rumors that can never be known, because none now live who remember it.


Fimbul became leader of the Warg Riders in pursuit of the Dwarves after the Death of Yazneg.

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